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Hi ! I just got into the pole dancing lesson business !!!

I am super excited!!!!  As a child, my mother was in the industry of physical fitness. She also got her masters in physical science. No wonder I am the best one for this type of world!!!  She’s super excited for me!

I think its best to be at your own home or wherever you are comfortable at !! It makes a big difference !!!! I took a couple classes before and to be quite honest, I was embarrased, so bad that I didnt wanna go back ! I wanted to try at home, plus then I wasn’t dealing with all the rules….and regulations!!! I went home and tried and I just didnt have it,  now that I lost my body fat as well as practice makes perfect… I can preform any move but only from being in my zone! I I went from a size 16 to a size 0 in a year. I also eat really anything that I actually know what it is…. lol !!!

As of lately since pole dancing is really strenuois, I’ve had to start taking in as many calories as possible!!! Crazy !!! I can’t believe how easy that was…. 187 to a 130 as of today !!!! My personal trainer from back in the day was like oh dammm! I couldn’t shake a # while I was training ….. I was like ” I DID THAT”




I also sell and buy Jewelry for a discount if your interesed.

I also am selling a car that a pos 1991 running with a jumpstart lol alarm keyless entry and remote start as well as you’ll need oil. I can teach you the tricks of the car. It runs, its UGLY( thanks ex boyfriend@!! )333000 miles drives has a stero as well as a it needs brakes and rotors. THAT’S ALL LOL! clean title.